Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day XCVI - Harionago

She of Shikoku,
Itching to unleash barbed braids,
Hook-hair horror.

Another scary, hairy female figure from Japanese folklore, Harionago literally translates as "barbed woman" and terrifies the island of Shikoku. Legend has it that the beautiful lady (also known as Harionna) wanders the roads of the Ehime prefecture region actively looking for victims, preferably younger men. The Harionago's outstanding attribute is her sharp barbed hook hair which she lets down and unleashes on the victims she encounters. The ghoulish terror allegedly laughs at those she comes across and should they laugh back, she sets her sentient hair on them and ensnares them for their audacity. She's an excellent and imaginative Japanese folklore entity, and so I'd say we should salute the Harionago, her striking looks and lethal locks.

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