Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day XVI - Cikavac

Wings to wish upon,
Born of special ritual,
Egg under armpit.

An avian oddity from Eastern Europe, the Cikavac is a bit like the stork, except it's more likely to bring you milk and honey than babies of questionable origin. The interesting thing about the Serbian mythical bird is the special magic method through which is raised to do whatever its owner wishes. According to legend, a woman had to take the egg of a black hen and carry it under her armpit for 40 days during which time she avoided cutting her nails, washing her face, praying and confession. 40 dirty days later and you have the ability to talk to animals and a supernatural servant to do your bidding, willing to use its long beak to steal milk from the udders of your neighbour's cattle. The magnificent magical service of the Cikavac: sure to deliver the goods...

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