Friday, February 12, 2010

Day LXXIV - Curupira

Flame-haired little boy,
Toothsome Amazonian,
Wrongfoots forest foes.

A funny forest guardian figure of South American folklore, the Curupira is said to inhabit the form of a flame-haired little boy with green teeth and backwards feet. The funny fella has his roots in the mythology of the Tupi tribe and protects the Amazon rainforest from the damage and destruction brought upon it by humanity. The Curupira tolerates hunting for food but can't stand those that do it for pleasure and so acts to punish them for their disrespect of nature. Its backwards feet leave confusing tracks which cause vicious people to get forever lost in the forest and the supernatural being is also said to leave traps to capture cruel humans. Altogether, the Curupira is an appealing eco-warrior fairy-type being with a firm place in Brazilian folklore, and I'd say that the fiery-headed, backfooting fellow of the rainforest deserves high praise indeed. Kudos to the Curupira!

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