Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day LXI - Hippocamp

Astounding seahorse,
Noble steed of Poseidon,
Rides on ocean spray.

Supernatural seahorse supreme, the Hippocamp (or Hippocampus) is the sea god Poseidon's majestic stead in Greek mythology. With equestrian front parts and fishy tail and fins below, legend has the aquatic horse drawing Poseidon's sea chariot across the waves or frolicking in the foam with his Olympian master. The fantastic creature makes many prominent appearances in the archaeological evidence of the ancient Mediterranean: the divine fish horse adorned the tile mosaics of many Roman baths and Hippocampi can be found as spectacular fountain sculptures (such as Roma's Trevi Fountain), Etruscan pottery decorations and a in whole array of other Classical artworks. The Hippocamp is marvellous so all hail to the awe-inspiring stallion whose bronze hooves pound the waves and pull Neptune across his watery domain.