Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day XXXVI - Kumiho

Korean wedding,
Shapeshifting feminine fox,
Bride has nine tails.

An evil shapeshifting entity actively looking to seduce young men, the Kumiho is the fox femme fatale of Korean mythology. Believed to have nine tails and blessed with supernatural, form-changing abilities having reached the age of 1000, the country's folk stories suggest the creatures to be wicked and cruel, retaining their fox-nature no matter how convincing their disguise. All in all, the Kumiho represents the threat of female sexuality so the tales tell of fox-women tearing apart the patriarchal order and preying on men. Having ensnared them by taking on a beautiful appearance, they proceed to drain their victims of yang masculine energy or alternatively eat their hearts or liver. A supernatural feminist hero or honeymoon horror waiting to happen, the grooms-to-be of Asia would do ensure that they are not engaged to a tricksy nine-tailed terror. The ultimate foxy-lady in Far Eastern folklore, respect is due for the devious Kumiho.

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  1. Love the image and its caption, Thanks so much!