Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day XLIII - Teakettler

Little woodland dog,
Lumberjacks hear it whistle,
Prompted to brew up.

A 'fearsome critter' of American folklore, the Teakettler is a quirky canine creature described as having the ears of a cat, stubby little legs and a desire to only to walk backwards. Hiding around the lumber yards of the Great Lakes, the forest dog is shy but is famous for the noise it makes, producing steam from its mouth as it mimics the sound of kettle boiling. If the Lumberjacks of Minnesota and Wisconsin hear a kettle whistling and haven't called a tea break, then they can be sure that the varmint is close by. A kooky steam-blowing, back-tracking little critter, raise your mugs and toast the great American Teakettler.


  1. ha ha ...i was actually reading about the Penanggalan and the 'nice!' was said in irony. Still loving this blog!