Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day XII - Tokoloshe

Pebble is eaten,
Invisibility comes,
Sleepers tormented.

Though descriptions of the creature differ depending on region, the Tokoloshe is a tricksy gremlin-type entity that exists in African folklore and terrifies the continent's children. A figure inspiring superstitious anxiety, people raise their beds off the ground with bricks to make sure that the little bugger doesn't bite off people's toes or do other despicable things when they're sleeping. The general consensus is that it's a small black dwarf with a head like a teddy-bear, albeit one with a big boney ridge on its head. It's also said that only children can see the Tokoloshe, though lack of visibility may be also be due to the fact that they turn invisible once they swallow a pebble. Ultimately, its a nasty little nightmare bogey-beast, so sweep the pebbles off the garden path and don't sleep on the floor.

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