Monday, March 1, 2010

Day XCI - Nix

Long, wet lustrous hair,
Spirit of northern waters,
Sound of sweet music.

A wonderful water spirit, the Nix goes by many names and is present across a range of northern European folk traditions, generally understood to be a mermaid or merman-like entity. Believed to have shapeshifting ability, artworks most often depict the Nix in human form and identify it as an enchanting creature that lures people to the shore through the power of music. The violin is the water-sprite's instrument of choice and in some folk traditions it's terribly effective in mesmerising passers-by and leading them to a drowning death. Saying the creature's name aloud can protect against its malevolent influence, though that'd assume you knew whether it was called Nix, Nixie, neck, näck, nøkk, nøkken, Grim, Fosse-grim or Strömkarl. Whatever label it goes by, the supernatural figure of northern European legend has also been perceived as a beautiful, harmless entity at one with nature who may even pass on its artistic abilities to others if it feels generous. All give a round of applause to the Nix making sweet sounds and capturing imaginations across Scandinavian, British and German mythology.

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  1. Is the nix a demon of some sort.......HELP...I don't understand the myth.