Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day XXXIV - Mbói Tu'ĩ

Squawking scaled one,
Parrot eye instils fear,
Serpent protects swamp.

Bizarrely accented and blessed with the head of a parrot, the Mbói Tu'ĩ is a monster serpent of Guaraní mythology. Said to have a terrifying squawk, forked tongue and a bad luck-bringing stare that strikes fear into the heart of all who meet its gaze, the creature is considered to be the protector of wetlands and aquatic creatures. The 'parrot-snake' patrols the swamps of South America, watching over the amphibians and environment it loves so much, ever-ready to scare off intruders: an astounding hybrid of bird and reptile resolved to defend Mother Nature. Please, acknowledge the meaning behind its stare and show your appreciation for the majestic and marvellous parrot-headed Mbói Tu'ĩ.

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