Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day LV - Serpopard

Head lifted up high,
Ancient Egyptian feline,
Incredible neck.

As the name suggests, the Serpopard is a cross between a leopard and a snake, altogether a great beast with feline features and an exceptionally long neck like that of a serpent (but where does a serpent's neck end and its body begin?). Emerging out of ancient Egyptian mythology, the Serpopard is highly significant as a decorative motif appearing on archaeological artefacts, most prominently on several cosmetic palettes dated as being from the Pre-Dynastic period (that's over 5000 years old). A bit of an enigma in that we don't know what the Egyptians called it or why it's so strongly associated with make-up, the Serpopard is an intriguing, ultra-imaginative entity and comes across altogether as a pretty cool cat. I like the idea of stretchy-necked forms stalking the desert, so all credit to this incredible hybrid animal of Egyptian antiquity.

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