Friday, January 15, 2010

Day XLVI - Leprechaun

Mischievous littl'uns,
Icon of Emerald Isle,
Dapper fairy folk.

Much-loved little fellows who stand as a supreme symbol of Irishness, Leprechauns are commonly characterised as being around three feet tall and wear dandy green or red clothes. The fairy folk are native to Ireland and have found themselves the victims of the tourism industry and twee stereotyping, but the magic little buggers have their origins way back in the Middle Ages (as shall be revealed by the new National Leprechaun Museum set to open this year) and there are variations on the nature of Leprechauns depending on region and storyteller. Leprechauns are said to enjoy making shoes (dapper, smart gentlemen they are, sartorial concerns are crucial), playing practical jokes and making mischief. All in all, whether they are solitary Emerald Isle spirits or über-Irish icons associated with rainbow ends and pots of gold, Leprechauns are awesome. All praise the perky little people of the Emerald Isle!

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