Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day LXXII - Bunyip

Dark furry flippers,
Australian enigma,
Creature in the creek.

A mysterious creature with roots in Aboriginal mythology, the Bunyip is believed to dwell in the waterholes, swamps, rivers and billabongs of the Australian wilderness. In terms of its features, the large aquatic beast has been given many different descriptions, commonly characterised as having dark fur and flippers. Other accounts state the Bunyip has a dog-like head, great tusks and a tail similar to a horse's, though there is no consensus which thus increases the mystique. With its fearsome howl and ferocious appearance Australians fear the furry predator hiding in the creeks of the outback though have adopted it as a national icon over the ages. Finding popularity in Aboriginal folklore, cryptozoological circles and beyond, the Bunyip is an intriguing, enigmatic entity, whatever it looks like.

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