Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day XXXVIII - Ninki Nanka

Enormous reptile,
Lurks in West Africa's swamps,
Takes cocky children.

A fearsome creature from African folklore, the Ninki Nanka is described as a dangerous great reptile that lives in swamps. There are discrepancies in accounts of the dragon-like monster - as gleaned by high-profile cryptozoology expeditions - though generally it's reckoned to have a crest atop its head and a long scaly body. Legend has it that arrogant, overconfident children that disobey their parents will be claimed by the Ninki Nanka when they pass by the swamp (nothing like a swamp monster to bring smug kids down a peg or two and make a moral point). As speculation around the legendary sea serpent sighted around Gambia carries on, the Ninki Nanka continues to resonate as a reptilian marvel in African mythology.

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