Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day LXXVIII - Nure-onna

Beautiful serpent,
Seeking shoreside solitude,
Woman washes hair.

Believed to have the head of an attractive human woman and the lengthy body of a snake, the Nure-onna is an amphibious supernatural entity from Japanese legend. Characterised as being up to an incredible 300 metres long with fangs and fingers in some tales, the most outstanding features of the serpent lady are her lizard tongue and her hair. For the Nure-onna, it's all about her shiny luscious locks and the creature allegedly spends its time looking for peaceful places on the shore where she can wash her hair without any interruption. Those who do disturb her may find themselves having their blood sucked by the reptilian tongue, sometimes having been prevented from escaping if they accepted a  baby-like bundle from the great snake (the bundle gets heavier as soon as the victim takes it in their arms). Either way, you're best off leaving the Nure-onna alone in peace and quiet to get on with their haircare. Kudos to what is possibly the most private and perfectionist of all Japan's paranormal beings.

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