Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day XL - Dwarf

Short master craftsman,
Working away in the dark,
Bearded folk below.

Much-loved as a diminutive figure found across fantasy fiction and disparate strains of folklore, the brilliant bearded form of the Dwarf first comes to us in the Dvergar of Norse mythology. From there, the nature spirits have gone on to command the spotlight across a multitude of European legendary traditions, role-playing games, literature and all other Dungeons Dragons-themed distractions. Characterised by their short height and hairiness, they are associated with death, darkness and the earth (which is understandable seeing as they spend all their time underground) and are respected as expert craftsmen, skilled in magic and metallurgy. Whether they be Viking spirits, "Heigh-Ho" Disney characters or the Tolkienesque types hiding away in the mountains of Middle Earth, it's impossible not to love the miniature heroes. Dwarves (or Dwarfs) deserve a tremendous amount of respect just for being hairy hard-working little men whose all-round excellence has excited the collective imagination of so many cultures. Give a little love to the Dvergar and remember: "never toss a Dwarf..."


  1. this picture is so cool..... its awesome

  2. Thanks! How can you not love a dwarf, eh?