Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day XXIX - Karakasa

Long-tongued umbrella spirit,
Possessed parasol.

Described as having a long protruding tongue, one eye and one leg wearing an elevated geta clog, the Karakasa is probably the kookiest supernatural artefact of the Tsukumogami spirit class in Japanese folklore. Legend has it that certain objects come to life upon reaching the age of 100; the Karakasa is thus an antique umbrella over a hundred years old that has become animate upon reaching its century. Also known as kasa-obake, a leering, hopping brolly probably isn't helpful in a rainstorm but its eccentric brilliance would no doubt bring some fantasy excitement to the most depressing of drizzly days. A bizarre monster in the parasol for sure, every cloud really does have a silver lining if it encourages the spooky Japanese umbrella spirit to come out and make an appearance.

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