Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day LIV - Menehune

Handy Hawaiian,
Long hair covers naked form,
Crafty little folk.

In Hawaiian mythology Menehune are said to be long-haired little naked people no bigger than two-feet tall. Popular icons believed to inhabit the forests and valleys of the isles, legend has it that the Menehune race were the first inhabitants of Hawaii before the place was populated by Polynesian settlers. The humans found temples, houses and other craftworks when they arrived which attests to the diminutive ones' expertise in building and devotion to getting big projects done. Though they're fickle tricksters and can be malicious, the Menehune are most commonly viewed as benevolent banana-eating helpers who enjoy singing, dancing, diving off cliffs into the surf and shooting magic arrows of love to brighten the bad attitude of angry people. With their craft skills and hard-work ethic, the miniature heroes stand tall as proud symbol of Hawaii and are consequently all over the area's confectionary industrybottled mineral water, advertising and souvenir trade. Hawaii's very own fun fairy folk, I'd say the hairy naked folk found in the Pacific Ocean deserve an enthusiastic aloha.