Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day LI - Qiqirn

The Inuit flee,
Convulsion-causing terror,
Naked dog spirit.

A ferocious canine spirit of the frozen north, the Qiqirn comes from Inuit mythology and is described as a large, hairless dog. With only its mouth, ears, tail-tip and feet covered in fur, the creature is said to be frightening yet foolish, which possibly explains why it runs away from the other animals it's already succeeded in scaring off. Humans can get rid of the Qiqirn by shouting its name but if they do get too close they're liable to suffer a seizure. Causing fits in the frosty backwoods of North America, the bizarre bald beastie (possibly sporting a bristling mutt-moustache) strikes me as a fantastic folklore entity. Call out its name and give the quirky terror due credit.

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