Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day XLVII - Impundulu

Witchdoctor's servant,
Winged one strikes with great power,
African lightning.

Emitting electrical energy and casting its colossal wings over southern Africa folklore, the Impundulu is a cracking creature identified as the 'lightning bird' in a number of tribal traditions. Said to be the size of a human, the supernatural bird fires lightning from its wings and talons and is born from eggs buried in storm-struck ground. The animal's fat is reckoned to be useful as incendiary fuel or homeopathic medicine and an extract of the Impundulu's flesh may also act as an effective aid in the apprehension of thieves. Despite all that the Impundulu is most commonly viewed as a vicious creature commanded by witchdoctors to attack enemies and wreak devastation. For members of tribes such as the Zulu and the Xhosa, then, the Lightning Bird is an ominous entity under the control of a sinister shaman. I'm just enthused by the idea of thundering wings scorching the skies; all look upward and salute the awe-inspiring Impundulu!

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