Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day XCIV - Behemoth

Immense animal,
Great grazing beast of scripture,
Largest in the land.

So humongous that its name now generically refers to anything very large and powerful, the Behemoth is the land-based equivalent of the Leviathan. Just like the very big fish, the Behemoth makes his mark on the Book of Job and symbolically stands as the largest animal of the earth in Judeo-Christian scripture. Beyond the consensus on its colossal size and tremendous strength, descriptions of the beast's appearance vary with some identifying the Behemoth as an oxen-type creature, some a warthog-like-being or others more along the lines of a hippopotamus or elephant. Envisaged as a insurmountable grazing herbivore that can only be killed by God, eschatological traditions suggest that the Behemoth's meat will be served to the righteous at the great banquet of the Apocalypse. Basically, the creature is the most immense and enormous hulking being that could inhabit dry land in Jewish and Christian thought. Regardless of its nature or what it looks like, here's to the biggest beast in the Bible.


  1. I am in yr7 and our homework waz 2 research sum mythical creatures 4 art. I couldn't really understand what u wer tryin 2 say, sumtimes less is more.

  2. Less is sometimes more, but more can also be much more.

    I'm a convoluted rambler so click on the links for simpler, more straight-forward stuff. Either that or don't approach me unless you have a thesaurus and translator who can decipher Ramblish.

    Hope you got a top grade in your homework. Enjoy year 7 - it's all downhill from here...