Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day XLI - Pi Xiu

Wings of good fortune,
Auspicious Chinese lion,
Gold doesn't escape.

A creature of considerable significance in Chinese mythology and Feng Shui tradition, the Pi Xiu or Pi Yao is the lucky winged lion associated with prosperity. With an appetite for gold and silver, the hybrid entity - most often depicted with a single horn - is iconically represented in pendants and statues in the hope that he'll bring good fortune and success. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor punished the Pi Xiu by sealing up its anus and so consequently the full-bodied creature can't expel the great amounts of gold it gobbles. Aside from constipation and a craving for wealth, the Pi Xiu is also characterised as the most powerful icon in Feng Shui practice and is effective in warding off evil spirits and demons (as attested to by the fact that Ancient Chinese emperors looked to the Pi Xiu to guard their tombs). Bringing wealth wherever it goes, it's no surprise that the Chinese guardian lion with the unicorn horn and wings continues to be popular.


  1. how brilliant, just discovered your 100 day project, love it! (used to watch a lot of 'charmed')

  2. Thanks Anjou! Likewise, just discovered your coffee quest: good stuff.