Friday, January 1, 2010

Day XXXII - Mi'raj

Two-eared terror,
Killer rabbit of Islam,
Black horn skewers prey.

Emerging from Middle Eastern mythology with yellow fur and a sharp, black horn on its forehead, Al-Mi'raj is the killer rabbit of Islamic scripture. Believed to live on an island in the Indian Ocean, the creature is a rabid carnivore that can eat animals way larger than itself and petrifies the local populace with its protruding horn. Only calling up a witch to work her magic will save the locals and their livestock from the threat of Mi'raj, though whether the existence of the bloodthirsty bunny is a con conceived by the witches is a common point of conjecture. The all-consuming, unicorn rabbit of Islamic poetry that strikes fear wherever it points its horn, then: a truly eccentric two-eared terror.

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