Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day LII - Fachen

Odd Highland horror,
Vicious Celtic feathered fiend,
Only single parts.

A fearsome oddity of Celtic folklore, the Fachen (a.k.a. Peg Leg Jack) is all about the power of one having - for the most part - only single body parts. The scary cyclopean with a dark feathered mane is reckoned to dwell in the Scottish Highlands, hopping about on its single-toed leg waiting to mutilate and devour those who pass its way. It may handle a club or chain in the arm-like appendage that emerges from its furry torso and has enough strength and violent motivation to destroy an entire orchard in one night. The Fachen is so horrifying those who see it are likely to have a heart attack before they've even had chance to flee from its great gaping mouth. Surreal and truly one of a kind, salute the singular supernatural terror of Celtic mythology.

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