Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day XXIII - Cherufe

Seismic destruction,
Sacrifice to the magma,
Volcano monster.

According to Mapuche mythology, lurking in the lava pools of Chilean volcanoes there's a volatile, violent monster that enjoys causing eruptions, earthquakes and other geological disasters. The Cherufe is said to be a great humanoid figure of molten rock whose wrath can only be appeased by the provision of human victims as blood sacrifice. Unsurprisingly, the Cherufe prefers female virgins and allegedly gets a kick out of consuming the poor offered individual's best bits before igniting their head and flinging it out of the volcano's mouth. A macabre menace in the magma, sometimes the creature is considered as a dragon-like reptilian beast and a surge of seismic activity in South America will most likely raise suspicions that a Cherufe is throwing a tantrum and baying for blood.

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