Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day XXVI - Djinn

Arabic demon,
Smoke spirit of the aether,
Hiding in a lamp.

The supreme supernatural being of Middle Eastern mythical tradition, a Djinn, Jinn, Jinni or Genie is a spiritual entity operating on another realm of existence to humans. Air spirits of 'smokeless fire', there's a wide array of definitions as to what a Djinn is; unsurprising considering that they've made grand appearances in everything from Islamic scripture to Arabian nights tales, Disney movies to Christmas pantomimes. The ethereal creatures are commonly understood to conceal themselves in the shadows or in objects like oil lamps and - depending on their personality, mood and motivation - may be looked to for assistance or magical aid. It may be a devoted servant; it may be a despicable demon; it may actually be a small child sent to save Sindbad the Sailor's skin again. Regardless, the Djinn is a paranormal overlord of immense versatility emanating out of Arabic legend.

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  1. I have to disagree with this. The western view of the genies is a bastardized version of what they really are. The jinn are not demons, the jinn can be good or evil just like human beings. As they have free-will they do not serve humans or grant wishes, and since they are made from fire without smoke, they are not smoke monsters. The evil jinn are known as shaytans or devils in the west.

    It is known that Satan was a very powerful and pious jinn who got to live with the angels, as time went on, God created Adam. The angels, and jinn were ordered to honor this creation of mankind. But Satan rebelled against it and said "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay.", and so Satan was kicked out of heaven for his actions, his hate, and pride, and Satan forever will want to haunt and try to drag the humans into hell with him.

    Therefore we have what is known as a fallen jinni, not an angel for angels are made out from light and cannot disobey, and they only serve God even as told in the bible in "Hebrews 1:14"