Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day XLIV - Huay Chivo

Preying on livestock,
Witch-goat of the Yucatán,
Evil Mayan beast.

A supernatural shapeshifting terror native to the Yucatán peninsula in Central America, Huay Chivo is a half-man, half-beast from Mayan mythology. Associated with evil sorcery, the malevolent 'witch-goat' (for that is what 'Huay Chivo' translates as) makes mischief, attacks local livestock and has the power to take the form of a goat, deer or dog to kill its prey. No doubt, the idea that there's a despicable Mayan man-beast magus cavorting around the rainforest, dabbling in dark arts and ripping cattle to shreds is exciting to me. I say hail to Huay Chivo: the mythological Mesoamerican man-goat running amok as the supernatural scourge of the Yucatán.

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