Friday, December 25, 2009

Day XXV - Faun

Horny hedonist,
Panpipes and wine aplenty,
Hailing to Bacchus.

Romping through the woods in a wild frenzy, Fauns are the fun half-goat-half-human creatures of Roman mythology associated with drinking, dancing, music and all other assorted forms of free merriment. With the horns and hind-quarters of a goat, the Fauns are the panpipe-blowing followers of Bacchus (the androgynous good-time god of wine, theatre and mad carefree abandon) and are pretty appropriate figures for December 25th: also the Roman winter solstice feast day of Brumalia dedicated to the free-loving deity. Inspiring art through the ages and making appearances all over the place - from Narnia books to Guillermo del Toro movies - Fauns are associated with outdoor orgies, sexual liberation and, in general, all-out ecstasy and excess. The pre-eminent party animals are righteous mythical creatures for a Merry Winter Celebration Day, so to the randy goat revellers of the forest: cheers!


  1. I thought fauns were nature loving creatures of the forest, not the drinking, party animals that you fortell them to be.

  2. They are both, natural creatures of the forest, wild, carefree, loving and liberated. You've got to love the Fauns...