Monday, December 7, 2009

Day VII - Moyang Melur

Tiger man descends,
To shape up society,
His bag is the Law.

According to Malay mythology, the narky half-man half-tiger spirit Moyang Melur would sit back on his moonbase and laugh at humanity, probably whilst shouting "I am the Law!" His bag held all the proper rules of society and, having handed them to people only to see them get broken and abused, the stripy-faced spirit probably felt smug. The story goes, however, that he leaned too far off the edge of the Moon and fell to Earth, getting a hunter named Moyang Kapir to help him climb back home. As repayment, tiger-features decided to eat the human, but Moyang Kapir stole the bag of law and made his escape down a rope where he disseminated decent order to humankind. As our civilisation crumbles around us, could it be that we need a tigerheaded deity with a bag of tricks to save us from further societal breakdown?

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