Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day IX - Barbegazi

Alpine Switzerland,
Looking for avalanches,
Furry feet ride them.

Scamping about the Alps, the Barbegazi is a Swiss folklore figure that sort of comes like a cross between a dwarf and the yeti. Its name roughly translates as 'Frozen Beard' and the white fuzzy ones are said to whizz about the mountains, hooting happily as they surf avalanches for fun using their supersized feet as skis. They hide away but are friendly to human folk, act to save trapped climbers and are also believed to occasionally help shepherds herd lost sheep. The Barbegazi is a winter hero, so hip hip yodelayeehoo to the big-hearted, little big-footer.


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  2. The Barbegazi doesn't approve of irrelevant spam advertising, especially when it involves academic plagiarism. When the avalanche rumbles, you ain't gonna get saved, son...

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