Friday, February 26, 2010

Day LXXXVIII - Trauco

Stumpy seducer,
Small but sexually potent,
Women can't resist.

A curious little creature small in stature but sinister in nature, the Trauco is a South American dwarf said to dwell in the forests of Chile and the sleeping dreams of the region's younger women. The Chilota folklore figure is often depicted as a diminutive little fellow in a suit and hat of natural fibres with footless stump legs. The Trauco is often believed to carry a powerful stick or stone-headed hatchet which he bashes trees with to emphasise his sexual potency. Oddly enough, the mythical being's allure is overwhelming and he's irresistible to women who will subsequently be charmed by his magical magnetism. Such is the pull of the peculiar forest goblin that single women who fall pregnant with no clear father are excused as victims of the Trauco. The deadly gaze of the Chilean goblin is also alleged to be able to kill a man which makes the little fellow lethal regardless of gender. Beware the hatchet-bearing stumpy humanoid in the forests of South America: the Trauco brings trouble.


  1. Wow ... that guy's SEXY...... don't know what it is about him........

  2. No! No! Don't look at him! Don't follow him into the wood!