Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day LXXX - Yeti

Legendary snowman,
Mystery of the mountains,
Great Himalayan.

The infamous Abominable Snowman of Asia, the mighty Yeti is reckoned to be a giant ape-man lurking in the Himalayas. Well-known the globe over thanks to its popularity in pop-culture and numerous sightings and cryptozoological expeditions, the Yeti is also known as Mi-Go and Meh-Teh in Tibetan and Ban-manche in Nepalese (amongst many other names). Various accounts (and after reading and weeping through Tintin in Tibet, no one is telling me that the Yeti isn't out there) have the creature as a woolly great primate or bear-type being with thick white or dark fur. The mysterious, gargantuan thing in the world's highest mountains continues to captivate imaginations and its awesomeness can't be denied. All hail the Yeti!

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