Friday, December 18, 2009

Day XVIII - Uktena

The Cherokee flee,
Blazing Ulun'suti gem,
Horney serpent strikes.

Going by different names depending on tribe, the Uktena is the dazzling-yet-deadly great snake that comes out of the horned serpent mythology of Native American folklore. According to Cherokee legend, the monster snake lurks in the mountains and isolated lakes and is characterised by its spotted scales, foul breath and distinct pair of horns. What really makes the invulnerable Uktena special, though, is the diamond-like gem that decorates its forehead which it uses to daze its prey. This diamond, the Ulun'suti, is prized by the native peoples as a most auspicious artefact believed to bring powers of prophecy and success in hunting, love and rainmaking. You have to face a beast that's reckoned as being an angry, almost-invincible opponent, but should you get your hands on the Ulun'suti, you'll be the worshipped as a human wonder and inspire awe. To get ahead in Cherokee society, grab the snake by the horns.

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