Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day LVIII - Jötunn

Giants of the earth,
Destructive forces of the Norse,
Clashing with the gods.

A colossal part of Norse mythology, Jötunn (Old Norse: Jötnar) are the great race of giants who cast pretty big shadows over Scandinavian legend. Displaying different characteristics depending on the individual Jötunn (Thrivaldi had nine heads), the beings are said to have immense strength, tremendous size and are often understood to have hideous features. Prophesied to be leading protagonists in the Ragnarök battle (lots of gods will die and the world will begin anew) their destructive tendencies frequently lead to conflict with the gods of Asgard and the humans of Midgard whom they attack from their home land of Jötunheimr. If they're not fighting the gods then they are consorting with them and producing offspring so unbelievably epic that only Norse mythology can contain them. Such is their high standing in Scandinavia's spiritual legend that the Jotunheimen mountain range of Norway is named after the giants' home of the Nine Worlds and they loom large as spectacular folk beings that capture the imagination. Here's to the powerful titans wreaking havoc through Viking mythical history.

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